Premium Packages

Lauren Kanzler CCN Tucson-based certified nutritionist specializing in weight management, diabetes, eating disorders, and beyond

I see the greatest transformation in my clients when they invest deeply into their own health and work with me extensively one on one.

  • Are you stuck in a lifestyle that you know is in a downward slide?
  • Do you not know what to do to break out of the habits that are not serving you?

I have been working with clients in Tucson for 35 years and helped 1000’s of clients completely change their lives.

Comprehensive 3-Month Package:

  1. 4 Private One-On-One Sessions/Month
    1. Two In-Office Private Health Counseling Sessions/Month
    2. Two Off-Site Experiential Sessions/Month
  2. Daily Support via Voxer App
  3. Before & After Body Composition Testing
  4. Food Plan with Accountability
  5. Exercise Plan with Accountability
  6. $100 of credit for supplements based on your particular health needs
  7. Email Support Throughout The 3 Months


  1. Increased Energy Levels
  2. Weight Loss & Improved Body Composition
  3. Improved Blood Chemistry (Cholesterol, Glucose, HgA1C, etc)
  4. Improved Digestion
  5. Reduced Inflamation
  6. Reduced Stress
  7. Improved Relationship With Food Choices, Grocery Stores and Restaurants
  8. Improved Outlook about Your Health for the Future
  9. Much more…

Investment: $1997

Contact Me If You Are Serious About Changing Your Life. or 520.403.2554